How to paint and decoupage glass objects

How to decoupage things? Basically, decoupage is cutting out some pictures you like, from a paper napkin or simply paper, gluing the pictures on an object, covering the picture and the object with varnish. You can personalise any object as you like. Furthermore, you don’t need complicated materials to start this craft. Here, we’re going to learn ho to decorate some old pieces and turn them some lovely, romantic tea set.

First, you need to clean and dry your objects. Then, paint them to white. You can use an acrylic craft paint and a soft craft brush. You may also use a sponge brush, as well. Paint it carefully and be patient. Because you need to repeat it for a couple of times and it’s better to wait between the layers for a couple of hours.

We recommend to paint 3 layers. In this way you will get the best end result. Decoupage is easy but get ready to be patient.

Important: After painting is done, wait for a day. Never ever decoupage before paint is properly and completely dried out.

Above left: Our decoupage supplies; completely dried painted object, a pretty paper napkin, a soft wide brush, an empty case, decoupage glue, water and a thin brush.

Above right: You need to separate the layers of the napkin. You’ll need just one ply.

You can use the design on your napkin as you like. You can cut it as you wish. Here, we need a round design, so I used a cup to draw around. Here is a tip: We can cut out images from the paper napkin by drawing a line around it with a thin, wet paintbrush. This methods works better than cutting it out, since the edges are furry, soft and can blend into the rest of the design. Use a wet brush and be quick before it dries. You need to be gently tearing it away, as you will see below.

If you like to use some different and detailed patterns, then you need to use scissors, as you’ll see below. You can separate the white backing after the cutting.

Now, you need to apply decoupage glue or Mod Podge on the surface. Use a little. Now, it’s time to put the napkin on the glued surface. After this, let the pieces dry. Then brush some more glue gently over the surface. After it dries, we’re done.

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