How to make a concrete wall

How to make a concrete wall? If you like this kind of raw touches in decoration, you might want to try this at home.

What you need are:

– 2 different type of tile glues from 2 different brand (if you want some effects)
– Decorative trowel
– Masking tape
– Patience and muscle force 🙂

First, you need to strap the edges with masking tape and lay a couple of newspapers on the ground.
Mix 6 kg of tile glue with water and have a good mixture. Mortar the wall as it’s shown above from down to up. Cover the whole wall.

Wait for an overnight. You are going to face a wall which is shown above-right. It is partly dried up, partly not. Now, it’s time to apply the other brand’s glue. Put some glue on the wall, be instinctive, act freely. See what happens later. It takes one more day to be completely dried up. It takes courage and a wall to get experimental on it. But why not? What you are looking at is an output of a first try as well.

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