How to distress wood with oil paint

We have another lovely DIY piece here. We’re learning how to distress wood and apply decoupage on it. It’s not that hard, really. Let’s see the steps:

What we’ll need:

  • A wood object we like to use
  • A light colour acyrlic paint
  • 2 types of brush (synthetic and hair)
  • Paint oil, flax oil or smell free turpentine
  • Dark brown oil paint
  • Decoupage glue and a pattern
  • Water based varnish
  • Sandpaper
  • A piece of soft cloth

First, grind the object well. Wipe it with a cloth. Paint with the light color 2 or 3 layers. You need to wait a little between layers.

Now, it’s time to distress. Gently thrust your hair brush into the paint oil (or other equivalent). Touch it to a tissue, leave the exess on it, then brush it on the object. Swipe it on the same direction.

After this step, wipe the part of the wood we’d like to make distressed with the cloth. It’s up to you. Here, the middle part is almost completely distressed since it’s going to be decoupaged after. Then, sop the brush in the brown paint, press on a tissue and paint the object starting from the outer part to the middle (picture 6). You can play on it with the paint, oil, brush and cloth. Ehen you get the result you wish, let it dry. Note this; oil dries hard, turpentine dries fast.

Now, it’s decoupage time. First, put some decoupage glue on the dried and cleaned wood object. Place the decoupage pattern neatly on it. Apply some decoupage glue on it again. After it dries up well, varnish the whole object.

That’s it!

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