How to make a pretty paper snowflake

How to make a pretty paper 3-D snowflake? Let’s follow this tutorial and make your own. You need a nice, glittery paper, a ruler, a scissor, glue, paperclips and a pencil. Let’s start.

First, cut out 20×2 cm paper strips. We need total 20 strips. Then fold them as it’s shown at 3-5. At the end, you’ll have these:

Now, you are going to use these strips for your lovely snowflake. Follow the steps:

Notice that you need to attach the strips to each other with glue.

Now, real fun begins. It’s time to carry out all the steps below. Fold the corners as shown, glue them together and seam them with paperclips. Wait it for drying completely. You’ll repeat all the steps up to 13 twice. Now, you have 2 pieces as in 14. Get them face to face and attach together as shown.

Who doesn’t like some extra glitter?

And, voila!

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