How to renovate a very old chair

Do you have very very old furniture at home? You want to throw them out but for some reason, you can’t. Well, luckily you didn’t. Now, you are going to see a good renovation which’ll give you courage to do the same.

There is an old wood chair, waiting to be created again. Listen to it and give it a new life. First, remove the cushion. Start to paint. You’ll need to paint 4-5 layers if you like to turn a dark colour to a light one. You might want to grind it between first layers. You can paint it directly last layers. You need to wait for it to dry out for a couple of hours. Here you can see the white relief flowers above, it is a nice touch. Later on, we’re going to show you how to make this relief decoration, as well.

Find some pretty paper napkins and split the layers. Cut out the nice pattern you like. Put some decoupage glue on the chair and attach the pattern on it. Be neat. Put some glue onto the pattern reform it with a brush. Repeat it as much as you like. After you’re done with it, wait again for drying and varnish the whole chair structure.

You may want to renew the cushion as well. You can use a nice upholstery fabric for this and staple it tight from below.

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