Cool and easy infinity cowl – free pattern

You can have a cool crochet infinity cowl with this pattern, believe us and trust yourself. For this beginner level project, let’s see what to do.


9″ height, approximately 24″ width.


*16 mm hook
*2 balls Aran Weight yarn (approx 100 gr/100 m; 50% Wool yarn, 50% Acrylic yarn)
*Yarn needle

Stitches Used:

*Chain (ch)
*Stitch (st)
*Slip stitch (sl st)
*Single crochet (sc)

This cowl is worked in spiral shapes from the beginning of the end. The rounds are not joined, they are worked continuously.


(With grey yarn) ch 80, sl st into first chain to create a circle, being careful not to twist your st.

Rnd 1: ch 2, sc in each st around. Sl st in the ch2. (80 sc)

Rnd 2: ch 2 (counts as first sc and ch1) (mark the ch2 space with a marker to indicate the beginning of the second round), sc in same sc, skip next sc, *sc-ch1-sc in next sc, skip next sc* Repeat from *to* around. Do not join the round. (40 sc-ch1-sc)

Rnd 3: sc-ch1-sc in next ch2 space, skip next 2 st, *sc-ch1-sc in next sc (ch1 space), skip next 2 st* Repeat from *to* around. Do not join the round, reach the marker. (40 sc-ch1-sc)

Rnd 4 to end of the yarn: *sc-ch1-sc in next ch1 space* Repeat from *to* around. Do not join the round, reach the marker. (40 sc-ch1-sc) Do not fasten off! (You will continue with the purple from here)

Work as in the pictures below with purple, sc in every sc space in rnd 2 to make a border for the gray half of the cowl. Then continue working with the remaining purple yarn on the opposite side of the border. (This way you will make sure that you have enough yarn for the border, too.)

When you finish the border continue working on the other side. Repeat rnd 4 until the end of the purple yarn and fasten off.

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